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Unconventional Door Designs From Around the World

Unconventional Door Designs From Around the World


Creating or designing basically depends with the origin of the design. For years now artists have either borrowed or made new designs from scratch. With different, unique home design all over the world, you may wonder then how designers come up with the finishes that they do. The door is one of the most important part of an interior designers work. With different types of design, architecture inspiration, the unconventional doors used in designing are remarkable. With so much to look at when it comes to unconventional door design, we will have a look at a few that have made a name for themselves in the interior design world.


These few design, architecture inspiration might be great home ideas for you:

Japanese Shoji doors

Relatively new in the west, this exterior wooden door is very common and have expanded across Japan and Asia. They are very ideal as entrance doors for the backyard, pool house or even garden. The great thing about the door is that it can be used anywhere and with any kind of color scheme.

Spanish and Mediterranean Style Doors

Defined by its elegance, these doors are identified by their oversized archways, tile work and also the textured engraving that they have. By using these doors you easily adjure the south of France or Spain in your backyard. The Mediterranean inspired doors are ideal for your backyard or even garden, or even patios.


Traditional Old World Exterior Doors

The Traditional, old doors, give your design that endless rustic style. If you want a wooden door that will strike the balance between old and new, these rustic doors will give you the result that you want. Characterized byrange or stains and varnishes you will have a great interior design.

With different kinds of traditional and unconventional door designs from all over the world, you will get the design architecture inspiration that you are looking for.


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