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Top Four Contemporary Design Inspirations across the Globe

Top Four Contemporary Design Inspirations across the Globe


Man as an intelligent animal has over the years shown the abilities to create extraordinary and exquisite masterpieces. Man’s exploits did not by any means start today. Architectural wonders like the pyramids of Egypt, the hanging garden and many others are example of men’s ingenuity even at that relatively Dark Age.

This century has truly witnessed a whole lot of amazing designs, therefore it will be a very hard task to pick out one of them and label it the best ever, however, we will be treating four of the best architectural and interior design masterpieces in the world today not just for their beauty and glamour but for their place in history and their contribution to the growth of the state they are located.


1. Colosseum: The colosseum is one amazing work of art considering the fact that it was built between 70 and 80 AD at a time when technology was not yet available. The colosseum’s original Latin name was Amphitheatrium Flarium, often anglicized as Flavian Amphitheatre and it is considered as one of the greatest architectural feats achieved by the ancient Romans. It is said to be able to hold between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators and it was used mainly for gladiatorial contests and other activities as time went by. The design and shape of this building has been a source of inspiration for many modern day stadiums.

2. BurjKhalifa: Before now, the common quote was “see Paris and die” but I bet, same can also be said of Dubai, no thanks to the massive efforts by the government to repositioning Dubai to be one of the world’s most tourist friendly country and at the same time diversifying their oil dependent economy. One of the products of this policy us the magnificent BurjKhalifa. The task of developing this mammoth skyscraper was placed on the able hands of the foremost American architectural and engineering firm, Skidmore, Dungs and Merrill LLP and it took more than six years to be completed. Standing at 828.9 metres, it is the tallest building in the world presently. Apart from the amazing structure, the interior design is also one in town showing the rich taste of the Arabs in its design.


3. Park Royal hotel, Singapore: The park Royal hotel can be said to be a perfect example of architectural, design and sculptural beauty. Designed in 2013 by WOHA architects, it has gone ahead to win numerous awards in many categories worldwide. It is a 12 story building with a total of 346 rooms. It has a sky-garden that is solar powered and the interior designs have no equal in Singapore as a whole.

4. Pharmiyan Residence: Some people might be wondering why this has found itself in this list, but this building located in Colorado, USA is the true meaning of beauty, elegance and simplicity. Located in a serene environment, it has a swimming pool for relaxation, the lightings and the interior designs are equally amazing in their right.

One must be mindful of the fact that as time changes, more designs are bound to come from man’s brilliant mind, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if BurjKhalifa becomes “one of those buildings” tomorrow.


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