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Today’s Bedroom, An All Purpose Haven

Today’s Bedroom, An All Purpose Haven


While a bedroom is usually thought of as a retreat, a welcoming oasis of serenity amidst the chaos of a turbulent world, it can also be stylish and contemporary without having to sacrifice comfort.  Here are some bedroom design inspiration suggestions about how to transform your bedroom into a contemporary haven:


Wallpaper Vs Paint

Wallpaper has made an unexpected comeback, so if you are planning on tackling your bedroom renovations yourself and don’t find the idea of painting the walls very appealing, turn to the old staple of wallpaper.  If you’re looking for striking change, then try colored wallpaper with a metallic design that will immediately capture the attention when anyone walks into the room, not loud or overly colorful, just bold enough to stir things up a bit.  Then you need to have a neutral colored headboard and furniture to create the perfect balance.  Light colored covers on the bed, and a few touches of color on the night table with a small lamp complete the new, but not jarring effect of your bedroom design inspiration.

Tranquility and Multi-Tasking

If you’re one of those people who prize a calm, relaxed atmosphere when you enter the bedroom, then opt for soothing colors such as creams and mild greens that blend well together.  Aqua is another great choice.  A light wood four poster bed also covered in pale colors, perhaps white or cream with colored pillows should serve to create that serene atmosphere you crave.  It’s a known fact that colors do affect an individual’s mood, and the goal here is to create the ultimate sea of serenity.


Another excellent bedroom design inspiration is strictly if you have a master bedroom with plenty of extra room.  Convert it into a hotel-like suite.  It seems that the current trend is in favor of multi-tasking in the bedroom.  In the interest of saving time, the master bedroom is becoming an all purpose space where people can do their daily tasks without having to leave the comfort and serenity of the room.  All you need is the space and a large, comfy bed and you’re all set to spend the day in your pajamas.  Nowadays is truly the time when just about anything goes when it comes to bedroom design inspiration, so don’t be left behind.  And remember, if you like it, why not do it?  Give your imagination license to soar and you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.



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