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Tips for Beautiful and Structural Home Office Design

Tips for Beautiful and Structural Home Office Design


The office is a place for work. Some of us work from home, so some of us might be typing from home offices. Others use the office as a place to make calls, pay the bills, and surf the internet. A home office must be functional, but it also can look great. After all, a workspace is easier to work in if it looks nice. Home office designs are a great way to experiment with functionality and style.

One of the things a home office need is storage. Shelves, drawers, and other places where you can store files and books are great for a home office. You could always a get a desk with voluminous drawers, but it’s more fun to be creative. Instead of a regular hardwood desk, try a series of floating shelves embellished with books, plants, and all sorts of neat stuff. If you’re situated next to a window, or if for any other reason  floating shelves aren’t an option, a bookcase or some regular shelves will do.


You also will need space for your home office, but it doesn’t need to take up an entire room. You can just set up a desk in the corner of a room, as long as it has a few drawers and shelves, and a computer if you need one. You might want to invest in an L-shaped corner table for this purpose. Make sure that your table isn’t too small, and that you still have enough room to write.

Sometimes, small spaces might feel a bit too stuffy for a home office. Give your home office some space and air by placing it next to a window. Make sure the curtains aren’t too heavy so that air and light can filter through. Even if you’re situated next to a window and if you work on a computer, get a desk lamp. Try one with a colored lampshade to add a little personality to your workspace.


As with all interior decorating schemes, color matters. Bright, bold, primary colors like red, blue and green are great for kids, or for people who want to keep the beat up while at work. If you don’t want to draw too much attention, use more subtle, neutral colors like brown, peach, white, or black. Remember to harmonize with all the other furniture in the room so that your office corner doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Try looking up other home design inspirations online. Some of the modern furniture might be a bit pricey, but it’s up to you whether you want to invest in those or create your own multifunctional furniture pieces. Stay creative and always try new things whenever you can.


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