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Stunning Raised Flower Bed to Save Space in Courtyard

Stunning Raised Flower Bed to Save Space in Courtyard


Beautiful Flowers Wood Raised Flower Bed Wood Bench

My neighbor and I want to create peaceful courtyard which is full of fresh greenery and colorful flowers. First, we discuss this matter in her house designed in unusual architecture. Although her house is designed in unusual architecture, I can feel rustic and natural accent derived from house design. She asks me to sit in dark metallic chair located in patio. This patio is furnished with modern outdoor furniture including dark green parasol, round table, dark metallic chairs, glazed pot, and Raised Flower Bed.

Cool Colorful Flowers Leafy Shrubs Rustic Wood Raised Flower Bed

Creative Stone Raised Flower Bed White Grovels Green Grass

Inspiring Raised Flower Bed

Tiny gravels spread over spacious courtyard surrounding patio. Old tile path and durable Raised Flower Bed indicated natural accent of garden design which is dominated with stone material. Colorful flowers are planted on this raised bed crafted of stone. Rustic wood fence borders this garden with area outside. Leafy trees planted in this garden provide shady place and fresh air that give peaceful space around house.

Natural Stone Raised Flower Bed Fresh Ornamental Plants Leafy Trees

Natural Brick Raised Flower Bed Fresh Ornamental Plants Earthen Pots

French windows in white frame and glass door dominate this house. Stunning raised beds made of untreated wood in long rectangle shape are utilized to place beautiful flowers in assorted colors. She intentionally to use raised beds to plant flowers in order to support growth of flowers maximally. This garden is surrounded by metallic fence which is able to protect garden area strongly. Rectangular flower bed made of wood is regarded as eco friendly furniture. Seeds are spread on this rectangle wood flower bed optimally.

Amazing Brick Raised Flower Bed Peaceful Courtyard Wood Fence

Unusual Driftwood Raised Flower Bed Green Ornamental Plants

Raised Flower Bed Made of Durable Material

Other side of this spacious garden is furnished with round table with dark metallic leg. Metallic chairs are set surrounding this table. Shady shrubs and colorful flowers planted on durable Raised Flower Bed design present wonderful scenery that makes everyone astonished. Among all flower beds existing here, my neighbor tends to use rectangle wood flower bed which sticks rustic value.


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