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Some Unique Places For Design Architecture Inspiration

Some Unique Places For Design Architecture Inspiration


One of the most difficult things for an architect to do is to find inspiration when he’s fresh out of ideas.  Contrary to what most people imagine to be true, design architecture inspiration doesn’t just keep coming and coming and coming, like the Energizer Bunny.  Usually an architect has to go looking for it.  Sure you can sit down in front of a computer screen and search websites for inspiration, but if you’re truly looking for a fresh, new concept you have to look to the world offline.  So here are some tips about where to look for architectural ideas:



You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times before, but it bears repeating.  Nature is a wonderful source for artistic inspiration, and that holds true for design architecture inspiration too.  What you have to do is be willing to look at nature from a brand new perspective.  Any architect whose worth his pay knows how to appreciate nature and to ignite the thought process that enables him to focus on nature, but see it transforming before his eyes.  By doing this he will be able to come up with original designs.  Many architects say that nature is their greatest inspiration.  It’s soothing quality can serve to relax the mind and give it the room it needs to begin developing new concepts. The trick is in being able to look at nature and be able to analyze it from texture, color, to shape and variation, and then determine how to best convert it into an idea for design architecture inspiration.


Buildings to Libraries

As any architect knows buildings and sculptures offer a wealth of inspiration.  Just walk down the street where you live and you can be hit by unexpected inspiration.  Architects look to sculptures for inspiration from their abstract forms, to buildings that showcase the city’s history and culture.  A buildings height, or its unique structure, its sleek lines all can lead to design architecture inspiration.  And then of course, there’s the library.  Now the library itself is often a historical structure, and the books it contains are just full of color, shapes, symbols, buildings and the like to draw inspiration from.  Even a piece of fruit might have the germ of an idea hidden inside.  Or you can simply sit down and begin a magazine article, or a book and allow your imagination to take over and begin creating on its own.  It won’t take long for it to begin to soar in different directions.  If you have the time, spend a couple hours in the library and jot down any ideas that come to mind.  Then take them home with you and read over them, determining which ones will work and which ones were just a flight of whimsy.


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