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Interior Design Ideas from Various States of India

Interior Design Ideas from Various States of India


If you look up design ideas from each state in India, you wouldn’t get too far. Most Western lump design ideas from Kerala, Punjab, and other states, and call it “Indian architecture.” This is rather problematic, as each state in India has its own take on design and what makes a house beautiful. Instead of giving you Indian interior design ideas, this article will discuss why it’s important to assert one’s roots and make use of design ideas from one’s own state.


Looking up the query “design ideas from <insert state here>”on Google Search will only bring you things like design schools from that state, or design houses from that state. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any design ideas from that state, and even then they’re lumped under “Indian architecture.” That means that the original ideas coming from each state are washed away, or forgotten. No one will know what came from Kerala originally, or that West Bengal has its own subtle taste in style. Thus, the individuality and uniqueness of each state is washed away.

Furthermore, most design houses and schools in each state are more focused on Western styles, with little emphasis on native styles of interior design. Granted, there is a rising movement in native Indian architecture, but it’s still lumped under the homogeneous “Indian” label, ignoring the uniqueness of each state.


Now using native styles or design architecture inspirations may sound tacky and might not even sound like progress, but it is. Take Japan for example. In the 1980s and 90s, it was considered cheese and in bad taste to be seen wearing a kimono. No “fashionable”person would be caught dead in public wearing native attire. But when the new millennium rolled by, the kimono came back into fashion, and now Japan’s most iconic fashion item is now among the most popular things on the fashion market. With enough work, each of the states of India can bring their homegrown senses f style back into existence.

How do we start? First of all, everyone has to do their research. If you want to design in the way of your state, do your research so that you don’t mislabel anything or offend anyone. Next, interior design houses, schools, and even the media should help spread those ideas. Design houses and independent interior decorators help hand down information and spread them around. The media is a great tool for spreading information and educating people as well, but it has a tendency to sensationalize information to cater to their viewers.

Lastly, respect and value your native knowledge. Progress is important, but learning to understand the intricacies of your state’s interior designs and putting them into practice is important too.


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