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How to Ruin a Good Interior Design Blog

How to Ruin a Good Interior Design Blog


When you make the decision to start any type of blog, you have the intention of making it a success. This is the case with any single thing that you endeavor to do. Having an interior design blog is therefore not any different. You will want your blog to generate mad traffic and in this way pay you back for the time and money invested. Like with any other undertaking, there is a right way to run a good interior design and a way that will run it into the ground faster than you can paint a wall. There are several things that you will have to consider to ensure that your blog is a success and similarly there are a lot of habits you will need to avoid if your blog is to be successful.

Below are a few of the things that will run your beautiful blog into the ground.


1.      Getting too personal

While a blog is supposed to be engaging and friendly by making the reader feel like they are a personal friend, putting too much of your personal issues in your blog could drive users away. Surely you will not want the entire world know your intimate secretes. A blog post will be visible to people from all over the world. From that 60 year old woman on another continent to the teenage boy across the street they can all see your post. You therefore should avoid over-sharing. Only share personal experiences that are relevant to the general and only to a level that does not overstep certain boundaries. Certain personal opinions are better left as that; personal.

2.      Boring content

You will want to keep your content fresh and entertaining to ensure that readers want to continue reading and even want to share. Your blog will get zero shares if you are in the habit of repeating content or telling people what they already know. Copying content from other blogs and putting it on your site will only chase away potential readers. You should put in the time to find interesting and new information on interior design and then frame it in a way that is attractive to your fans.

3.      Forgetting the reader

This can be the worst way to run a blog because once you lose the readers; it will be hard to get them back. Each post should be designed to appeal to your audience.


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