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Glamorous Modern Living Rooms Designs with Urban Transitional

Glamorous Modern Living Rooms Designs with Urban Transitional


The internet carries a lot of internal decoration ideas for your home. Depending on what you’re going to be using your living room for, some interior decoration ideas might be better for you than others. You might want to make your living room a safe place for your toddlers to play, or a lounge where you and some friends can drink coffee and chat. Here are some modern designs for living rooms that you can try out the next time you remodel.


If you don’t turn your nose up at the cute and plush, try using a pastel palette for your living room. Add in some fluffy pillows, soft carpets, and tablecloths for a comfortable look. You may also want to add lace, or leave them out if you don’t want to overdo the cutesy aspect. Your color scheme might be something like soft blue, pastel pink, light mint green, and other pastel colors. If you’re really good at wall painting, you can even try an ombre technique for your walls. Keep your furniture as close together as possible without being cramped, and don’t forget to balance them out around the room.

Your living room may have lots of windows. If it does, you can forego an unnecessarily fancy chandelier and go straight to the functional. Leave lots of space between your furniture, and go for smooth, polished wooden surfaces, or light-colored furniture and upholstery. White curtains that float in the breeze are also a good idea. Try adding in a bookshelf for functionality and the sense of being able to spend time in that room.


If this setup feels too simple for you, try some furniture with ornate, gracefully curving stands. Pair this up with prints like fleurs-de-lis, hand-drawn florals, or similar patterns. You can even use a chandelier. This setup is great for when your living room doesn’t have much in the way of windows.

To kick your painting game even further, try painting a mural on your wall. Landscapes work best. Once that’s done and dried, let your couch mimic the color scheme of the mural. For example, if you’ve painted a field of flowers with green grass, yellow dandelions and a blue sky, you can have a blue couch, decked out with green and pink pillows. And if you want to push the lush, flowery theme even further, try adding a vase of real or faux flowers to the coffee table.

These are only a fraction of the things you can do to your living room. There are lots of resources online you can use to create a living room that fits you and your needs, so do your research before you start remodeling or painting anything.


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