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Fresh Home With Indian Sensibility Interior Design Ideas

Fresh Home With Indian Sensibility Interior Design Ideas



In recent times, people have come to recognize the importance of interior designs in homes, hotels or offices with it taking a chunk of the budgets for modern homes this days, they do not only beautify and add value to the home but most importantly give it that warm welcoming look it deserves.

Culture plays a very important role in interior decoration as is religion and traditions also as in every walk of life. One ordinarily would not expect a British home to be decorated same way as a Chinese home.


                In designing a home’s interior, it is imperative that we evaluate many factors such as finance, space available and other important ones before choosing the objects, colours and every other relevant materials needed. In the words of Charlotte Moss, “Take the time and do some small thing that will be noticed and remembered, choose your objects carefully and buy what you love”. This is very important so as not to do job that you will probably not be proud of later.

From available statistics, most Indian homes are mostly red colour toned in their designs, however that does not mean everyone should also follow that trend which makes case for the influx of many capable hands for more inspirations.


Every part of the house should be decorated based on the importance and use, from the sitting room to the dining room, bed rooms and kitchen. The sitting room is unarguably the most important part every house, serves as point of entry for some and for all where visitors are received highlighting its importance in giving a first impression. The following applies to all. The wall apart from giving support to the house also is the most important part as far as decoration is concerned. White colour seems to be the best colour at the moment in this aspect, it gives homes that serene, natural beauty.


Putting in mind the wall colour, every other part of the living room must be decorated using it as a benchmark. The ceiling naturally should have the same colour as the wall and it must be neatly decorated to make it eye catching to a first time visitor. Also, the furniture are very important as it tends to be the most noticed aspect apart from the wall and ceiling. Baring in mind the already used white colour, a bright colour may be employed in this case such as light green or bright red showing the other side of the colour combination. The rug/foot mat is another important part of every home, in this case, a dull colour having touch of black should be employed.


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