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Fall Mantel Displays For Your Interior Decoration Ideas

Fall Mantel Displays For Your Interior Decoration Ideas


You might not realize it, but if you have a fireplace in your home, then you have a built in point of focus, your fireplace mantel.  Yes mantels inherently become the center of attention in every room they’re present in.  That’s why they should be of primary consideration in your seasonal interior decoration ideas.  When decorating your mantel for fall there are some basic rules to follow:


Rules for Mantel Decorating

When you begin decorating your mantel use items of varying shapes and sizes.  Place the taller items in the back and gradually decrease the size of the items as you make your way to the front.

Build depth by layering items one by one in front of each other.  Allow items in the foreground to overlap those in the back.

For a more proportional look, place one large item in the center and then add matching items on each side.

Symmetrical displays (proportional) are usually more formal and lean to the traditional while non-symmetrical is more relaxed and casual.

Don’t overcrowd in your interior decoration ideas.  You want to avoid placing so many items on it that the mantel appears cluttered or cramped and crowded.  It’s back to that old saying again, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Observe balance.  Yes it is necessary to create a sense of balance, but balance doesn’t necessarily have to mean identical.  For example, several lightweight items on one side can achieve balance with only one visually heavy item on the other.


When using multiple items for your interior decoration ideas, always use odd numbers.  When groups are involved, odds are better than evens.

Don’t stray from the overall style of the room.  For example, if a room is decorated in a traditional manner, then use a traditional mantel display, it’s that simple.

Don’t just put items together at random for your interior decoration ideas.  Use items that compliment each other with color, theme or style.  It’s okay if they don’t match, but the objects should connect to each other in some manner.

Some suggestions of fall materials you can use for your decoration are:  pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, sticks and berries, leaves, candles, garlands and natural wreaths.  You don’t have to rush out to the store and buy bushels of expensive fall decorations, just use what’s right outside your own door and you’ll be surprised at how inventive you can be.  And how proud of yourself you’ll be once it’s all done.


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