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Creating Structured and Dynamic Home Office Design

Creating Structured and Dynamic Home Office Design


The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants, a genuine plague twenty-first century is a neurosis. And one of the most common types of this disease, many believe with conviction … work. The reason is that not all enjoying the activity. In order not to feel yourself out of place, you need to create comfortable conditions. That is why, you should know the basic principles of effective workplace.

Organizing comfortable workplace can be accomplished at home. You don’t need to occupy a separate room. For the working area can be equipped even a small part of the room.
For someone home office is a place of work, for someone – a comfortable library and archive, and for someone – the only place in the house where you can be alone. Standard furniture set for home office, includes:

  • Writing desk.
  • Work chair.
  • Bookcases.
  • A cozy sofa.

With a variety of materials, home work area can be not only functional, but also original.


Furniture and accessories

The working area can be fenced using color or special partition. It is vital to create conditions for efficient work, without any distractions and irritating factors.
Computer desk, equipped with special cell, is perfect for a harmonious and successful work with computer.
Bring into the corner of home “office accent” is possible by means of special accessories. Stylish organizers, the paper support and a magnet for paper clips are inexpensive, but help to create the appropriate atmosphere.
Office in the apartment will look original and fresh, if you buy an unusual urn, or an ashtray with special design. The main elements of the workplace can be “hidden” in the closet coupe. In order to put this idea into practice, you should take care about the acquisition of a mobile closet, inside which is supposed location of the computer table.
To create a true convenience, would be logical to place the things you use often, “at hand”. You can use the desk or wall hanging shelves. Perfectly fastened to the wall, they not only cope even with heavy loads, but also will save space. Attaching into a room-office bulky lockers in dark shades are not recommended because they “kill” comfort, turning cozy corner into stifling closet.


The best solution is to arrange a home office in the style of eclectics or high-tech.
The most important thing in creating efficient work areas – compliance with the color balance. So, it is advisable to abandon the furniture black and white shades. The reason is that the white color is relaxing and helps reduce labor activity, while black produces negative emotions. The best option is the using coffee, beige or brown colors.


If you can’t establish the boundaries of the work area with special partitions, color will assist.
It is believed that the dull shades of green, contribute to creating a working mood and help you not to be distracted from work. If the interior seem boring, it can be diversified by means of bright and funny office stuff. It can be bright stickers or funny magnets.

All on FengShui

Adhering to the simple rules of the ancient Asian science, you can not only create a functional work space, but also to attract success. You need to pay attention to the following details:

  • Passes should not be behind.
  • “Face” of the workplace should be directed to the front door.
  • The working area should always be kept clean.

If you are a creative person, try to make the interior of the workplace in bright individual notes. After all, the work should bring joy, is not it?


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