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Contemporary Home Interior Design Inspiration

Contemporary Home Interior Design Inspiration


Contemporary style in home design inspiration is usually determined by the presence of clean, sharp lines and smooth, polished surfaces with a casual ambiance, open spaces, and primarily neutral colors on the walls and throughout the living and dining rooms.  Neutral wall colors can be various shades of gray, brown, oatmeal, fawn, white and cream, and because you don’t want to overdo the pale colors to the point where the house becomes dull, you can add a nice bold splash of color with the sofa, and one or two bright and colorful paintings on the walls.



If you are going to redecorate your home and your home design inspiration is leaning toward the contemporary, then you should make sure that you use plenty of accessories in your living room to add color to what could otherwise turn out to be a rather boring room if you aren’t careful to add some cheer.  Now you don’t have to do anything extreme.  All you have to do is scatter some small, but elegant accessories about; like velvet cushions and area rugs, and of course, hang some pretty paintings on the walls.  Use fabrics like linen, silk or crushed velvet to add texture and create a more hospitable and relaxing atmosphere.

Then be sure and do the same for the dining room for your home design inspiration.  Have comfortable cushions on the chairs, and a nice soft tablecloth, etc.  Ideas like that are what make a house a home.  You want your home to be modern, of course, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cold.  You can still keep that warmth about you too, and that’s what you should aim for.  Balance.


Contemporary Furniture

Next on your list for home design inspiration should be some contemporary style furniure.  Now the thing you have to keep in mind about contemporary furniture is that it’s normally scaled down to be smaller and more simplistic in the manner in which it’s designed.  The type of furniture design required for this style frequently depends upon materials such as light wood, glass, and metal instead of colors, textures or the way the piece is formed.  If you can, try to put together items that have a common shape, color, or line.

If you feel that the area needs more room, then an open floor plan can create the illusion that its more spacious that it actually is.  Also make an effort to allow the most natural light you can into the room by drawing the curtains back, or lifting the shades higher, or opening the blinds wider.  Whatever it takes to make the room seem bigger and more welcoming.


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