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Bathroom Design Inspiration to Magically Transform Your Old Bathroom into New

Bathroom Design Inspiration to Magically Transform Your Old Bathroom into New


Bathroom design inspiration failing you?  You have an old, small bathroom that’s started to turn a little shabby, but you haven’t a clue what to do with it, here are some solutions for you:

Go Bold

Want to make a statement with your bathroom?  Standout?  Try painting your walls in a vivid ocean blue.  Now at first it might seem like this color will be too much, especially if your bathroom is on the small side.  You don’t want to feel overwhelmed every time you walk into the room.  However, it really won’t be a problem.  A white sink and toilet, and some white towels to go with it all will help balance things out nicely.  Don’t be afraid to go bold with this color.  You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll like it.


Antique Victorian

If you’ve chosen to decorate your home with antiques then why not let your bathroom design inspiration reflect that as well?  Try a deep and dark chocolate brown for the walls to set off the rest of the room which should be liberally decorated in white.  This includes the tub, floor, extra- long curtains, and even the small rug covering the floor.  As your crowning touch a small crystal chandelier suspended from the dark chocolate ceiling.  Perfection!  Dramatic and bold without overkill.

Bright Red

Is your bathroom design inspiration kicking into high gear?  Starting to feel that rev up your engines raring to go feeling?  Well that’s a good thing.  There’s no law that says a bathroom can’t be exciting, even a little daring.  Why not try covering the bathroom walls in a nifty red and white print wallpaper, called Jardin Chinois.  This wallpaper does more than just hang on your walls, it literally jumps out at you.  Add to this a few illuminated shelves for keeping towels, etc., and some silhouette pictures on the walls and you have the atmosphere you were looking, bold but enticing.

Getting bathroom design inspiration really isn’t that hard, especially once you get started.  Then the ideas just keep on coming and coming.  It really is possible to transform an old bathroom completely, to give it a certain bold cheer it never had before, and without having to spend thousands too.  You don’t have to remodel every inch or tear up every speck of the old. You just have to harness your sense of adventure and allow your imagination to lead the way.


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