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Bathroom Design Inspiration Ideas Possible In 2015

Bathroom Design Inspiration Ideas Possible In 2015



As time went by, bathrooms went from being given little or no attention in the scheme of things in homes, offices, airports, or hotels to one of the most expensive sections of buildings today. A poor bathroom in terms of equipment, design or care may lead to infections or may lead to loss of customers as concerned commercial centres like hotel or airport.

Over the years, a lot of designs have been introduced no thanks to the rapid growth of the interior design industry over the years that one might ordinarily get confused choosing the right design due to the amazingly large number of beautiful ones available.



Firstly, the walls and the floor would be better off being sealed with tiles. A high quality tile should be used putting in mind the colours which will go on to influence the overall outcome. A high quality white tile would be ideal for the walls, we must keep in mind the fact that the bathroom should be a clean place with zero tolerance for dirt, therefore, white perfectly fits the profile and also matching with the colour of the bath tub and other bathroom accessories which must be white. However, in order not to make the bathroom look too flat colour-wise, a distinct colour is infused into the white tiles to make it stand out. A bright brown or gold colour will be perfect for this purpose. This infused part should however be small compared to the other parts and at the middle. It will also be nice to combine colours in the bathroom by infusing different colours of tile into the four different sides of the bathroom thereby making it one exciting place to be in.


The floor tiles also have to be carefully chosen, it must have a slightly firm grip for friction purpose for hotel especially, one should be mindful of the fact that various customers will use the facility, therefore the goal should be to satisfy everyone of them. The floor gets dirty easily compared to the wall, therefore a colour of dark touch will be good for this purpose.

Also for the ceiling, a quality ceiling should be used, preferably not PVC being that it usually causes heat more, it should be coloured white and the lighting must be beautiful white light showcasing the beauty of the bathroom.

Finally, we can decide to go an extra mile by adding a touch of nature to complement the serenity of the facility, Fresh flowers in large vases should be placed side by side with a large mirror standing between them.


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