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Backyard Water Features in Japanese Garden

Backyard Water Features in Japanese Garden


Beautiful Landscape Stone Garden Backyard Water Features With Wooden Fence

Various backyard water features have become the most important part for every garden. We can find various backyard water feature designs that must to combine with a beautiful garden, staring from mini streams, fish pools, mini waterfalls and the others. Moreover, the garden actually has been decided into two common parts, the natural modern garden or the natural traditional garden. One of the most wanted traditional gardens is Japanese garden. Here we can see various backyard water feature designs.

Backyard Water Features Beautify Japanese Garden

Japanese style has its own sense of garden. The Japanese traditional garden or backyard actually never been separated with water elements such as backyard water features. It is caused by the garden characteristic is include the water, the stones, the lands and the trees. Some of Japanese water features starting from a koi’s pool that has been made by natural stones, a stream let complete with its curved wooden bridge, stone path, Japanese trees and the fish.


Small Pond Beautiful Koi Fish Innovative Backyard Water Features

The others types of backyard water features That mostly stay in Japanese garden are the Tsukubai, ensaki chōzubachi and tachi chōzubachi. All of them actually the stone container filled with water, function as a washing place before tea party. These all mostly complete with a fountain, made by single bamboo or some wick designed interrelated and can be operated using simple mechanics. However, in Japanese garden especially for its water features must use and shown natural elements. Therefore, the engine water pumps are placed right below the stones.

Little Pond With Waterfall Stone Garden Beautiful Backyard Water Features

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Japanese Backyard Water Features and Its Decoration

Actually, all the decorations of the backyard or the garden are the tree, stones, lands, and others natural elements. Placed some trees or the plants near the water, stone path, stone decorations, flower gardens, and other original Japanese plants. We can also use some wood or bamboo to make the Japanese gate and its fences. Therefore, the Japanese garden will look more amazing using various designs of the backyard water features.


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