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Awesome Interior Decoration Ideas

Awesome Interior Decoration Ideas


Different artists all around the world tend to create unusual design for their houses. Experience a life spent with thrilling experiences by building your home in an unusual way. Be inspired by the creative works of other people.


1. Aquarium bed.

The aquarium bed by Acrylic Tank Manufacturers just makes you not want to leave your bed ever again. This amazing design features a spectacular headboard that is customized to fit perfectly above your head. Now, you can have the feeling of sleeping underwater with different kinds of fishes and marine creatures.

2. Chandelier inspired by nature.

Another incredible interior decoration idea is the chandelier by Hiden and Diaz. This chandelier turns a room into a forest. The light bulb is placed at the center of the chandelier and portrays a shadow formation on a 360 angle from ceiling to walls. You can see shadows of contorted trees, branches and bushes in every angle.

3. Spiral Staircase Slide.

This is a brilliant idea for every home. Live in a fun house by building a staircase inside your home with a slide beside it. This is healthy and fun at the same time. Walk upstairs for exercise and slid to go down for enjoyment; perfect for everyone who needs to work out.

4. Dining table and sport table.

A dining table and a pool table or a table tennis table on one table? Combine your dining table with other sports table to save space. A lot of tables, especially this big, take up too much space. Save your space by buying tables that have multi purposes. Play on the same table where you eat may sound but with the proper equipments, you can do so.

5. Pirate Ship Bedroom.

Ahoy! Fulfill your boys’ fantasy by building a Pirate ship bedroom inspired by kuhl design build. You may not have an everyday experience at the sea, but with this design, it might just help you do so. Experience a thrilling livelihood in your everyday living.

6. Pool Floor.

A pool inside your living room? Sounds absurd? Of course not, install a pool in your living room that has automatic glass pool covers; this way you can walk around your living room when not using your pool. It is also safer if there are kids around or you can watch over them easier while you are inside your living room.


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